Sunday, October 22, 2006

appreciating homeschool

Today I found out it was Teacher Appreciation Day this week. Nana helped Isaac and Sophia pretend they appreciate me! Kidding. I know they do, she just helped them express it! Thanks, Nana!! She had Isaac and Sophia read some very touching poems and I couldn't help crying at their words, and even more watching my young students read them so well! We've come a long way in our few years of homeschooling and I wouldn't trade these moments for all the 8-hour-long-quiet days I'd have if they were public schoolers (though I've been tempted a time or two... or two hundred if anyone is really counting).

I just hope THEY appreciate what they've got. I mean, where else can you do your reading in your pajamas to your doll, or get your bunny to help with your writing outside on a nice day?


ethan said...

Happy teacher appreciation day!

I like the bunny pics, my brothers and I used to have them when we were younger and being homeschooled :-)

Glad you found the MUS blog
see you around

ox, nana said...

"I just hope THEY appreciate what they've got."

As long as I live ...they will :)