Sunday, November 19, 2006

this is scary

Just look how much he has grown in 3 MONTHS!
Or if you're like me, you really don't want to look.
My little, clingy, baby boy, who screamed when I was out of sight,
will all too soon be out of my sight, and then I'll be the one crying.


ox, nana said...

AND... he's only two years away from being a *teenager*. Now, that's scary!

Robin's Reports said...

Yep, scary indeed!! He really grew significantly. Even his face matured a lot.

Slow down Isaac!!!

Love the holiday pics too!

Hannah said...

LOVE these pictures of you guys!!!
Isaac is definitely catching up to you Sharie. When people would always see that I have grown they would say that they need to put a brick on my head to keep me from growing any more. You should do that for Isaac because my little cousin is going to be taller than me and that isn't good. Hehehe