Friday, February 23, 2007


The hefty snow begged to be played with last weekend!

After getting a building permit, they set to work on a snow fort.

They worked hard...

and into the night.

After the finishing touches of peepholes were completed, the fort was ready for hiding and spying!


ox, nana said...

Sophia's smile is rosy and beautiful. The Eskimo's would be proud of you Isaac. "Snow" nice to know that this fort is now ...history!

J said...

Love the pics!! They definately had some snow fun before it all melted away. Maybe building the snow fort will count toward their engineering class at school. What does their lovely teacher think??


Hannah said...

That is the cutest thing!!! I am sure they had lots of fun doing that! I am sure they were talking to each others as spies!! That is when it is really fun!!!

Math-U-See said...

That is one awesome snowfort!!!