Sunday, March 25, 2007

another day, another year

Yep, today's my birthday. Can you see how old I am?
It's written in Cryptic Cupcake language.
And that is NOT a zero in the middle bumping the place value to the hundreds!

As I type, I'm cashing in on one of my gifts: a coupon from Isaac for unloading the dishwasher! He also gave me one for vacuuming the floor (he has NO idea what he's in for! The new carpet makes it soooo hard to push the vacuum!) and another coupon for cleaning up the house. I wonder if he means his kind of clean or my kind of clean??

Nana helped the kids make it special! Birthdays are all about kids, I think. Isaac and Sophia love any excuse to celebrate and eat cake! Actually, who doesn't??


ox, nana said...

The first plate is a 3 and the last plate is an 'S'. That makes you thirty-something...right? hehe
March 25th was a wonderful day for me & your daddy! "Happy Birthday" baby girl :)

hi_missy said...

Happy happy birthday, pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to a very sweet sister-n-law!!! We were all blessed the day you were born. I can't imagine our family without you, your a very precious person to us all!!
Love you!

J said...

Happy belated birthday, my dear friend!! I hope you enjoyed the time with everyone.

Robin's Reports said...

Happy birthday to you!! My cupcakes are going to have a 4-0 in 13 days!!! Yikes!

I love your Amish pictures too. Is that the new school they just built to replace the one from last Fall's tragedy?

Have a happy Spring and Easter

Sharie said...

Hi Robin!

No, that Amish school was in Pennsylvania. These are in Ohio. I couldn't help think about that tragedy when we peeked inside these windows.