Friday, March 23, 2007

visiting the Amish

We visited Amish Country this past week. We were just getting ready to go into a store when this family trotted up and got out. The little girl was quite aware of us! She was so adorable I couldn't help taking a picture.

Sophia got two souveniers on the trip...this cute bonnet and a brusied head/nose/eye! She wiped out riding her scooter on the golf course next to our place.


hannah said...

Wow!! Thank it so cool that you were able to see a family of Amish!! Sophia looks adorable in her bonnet. I feel bad though about her brusied head, nose and eye. I know how that feels and it doesn't feel very good at all.

Love you all!!!

J said...

Bummer about Sophia hurting herself. Amish country seems like it would be a wonderful, peaceful getaway. Hope you enjoyed it!