Thursday, April 05, 2007

keeping the help happy

Isn't this a great little painting?!? I wish this was MY book I was in the middle of rather than teacher's manuals, but my time will come.

In the meantime, the boss is keeping the help happy with company bonuses! She gave the kids checks with which they each bought a
and the adult company bonus was a gift card for Trader Joe's!
We spent the last of it today and it was sooo cold out.


ox, nana said...

Is your boss interested in hiring more The perks sound great:)

J said...

So what Webkinz did they get this time?? And what is Trader Joe's - I've never heard of it! Congrats on all the bonuses - they're well deserved I know.

Sharie said...

Hi J! Isaac bought a Cocker Spaniel named Victory and Sophia got a unicorn named Isabella. The cocker spaniel is really cute!

Trader Joes is a small, cool grocery store in Kenwood with a leaning towards natural and speciality items.