Wednesday, April 11, 2007

raining rainbows!

We heard hail pounding down around us this evening and as we looked outside Isaac spotted a full rainbow! We both ran for our cameras and he was the lucky one to snap just as lightening streaked across the sky! Then we noticed a second rainbow was forming!

Absolutely gorgeous!


ox, nana said...

These photo's are GREAT! Driving home last evening was 'nasty'. Sometimes, what's looks ugly can actually turn out to be beautiful:)

hi_missy said...

We took pictures of the rainbows as well, but we didn't get the lightning - how very cool that looks.

kimberly said...

I see a photography career in Isaac's future!
THis is really cool!

Robin's Reports said...

Oh I love double rainbows. Very magical, indeed.

Hey, how did you remember my b-day? Did you see it at the "Library"? Happy Anniversary to your parents.