Thursday, May 03, 2007

smile makeover

--------March 2006 ------------and------------ May 2007--------

Isaac has been dreading this day because he didn't want to feel these rings being pulled off his back molars!

Okay, it's a long way from a million dollar smile, but it's a thousand dollar Phase One smile! When all those molars fall out and come in, he might need Phase Two, but since his jaw was expanded, we're hoping they'll have room to come in straight. We won't know for about 3 years!


Robin's Reports said...

Excellent smile!! I think we're needing a Phase 1 at the ortho for my big guy, but we'll have to put it off 'til next year. He's got a major crooked front tooth.

I'm praying that you don't need Phase 2. This looks great.

J said...

Beautiful smile!! Hooray for surviving the first (and hopefully last) round. Great job on pics too!!