Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm still here, are you?

Is anyone still here? I've been MIA for quite a while now, working. Yes, I think I officially have a job. I knew that (I am being paid after all--well, sort of! We're just about done investing in the business) but when you're just spending time on the computer (something I do anyway!) it's hard to grasp that it is a job.

I finally started having to tell the kids, "I have to work. You know how some mommies leave the house and go to work? I'm staying here and working. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" Just kidding about that last part. Well, about it being in all caps, anyway! I promised them when I get Kimberly's "big" website up and running I would take them each on a big date.

Here are some pictures from a tea party date with Nana (Papaw sat inside and watched through the window!).

I guess you have to discard any tea party graces when you have to drink from minature cups!

Must have been bribed, is all I can say...
And check out The Print Shop! We finally got that up and running and this week I figured out how to make that cool PRINTS ad on the right. Now it's on to the "big deal" website. The one that is going to make us rich and famous!

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J said...

Looks likes the kids had fun. And love the website!! You've done a great with it. Enjoy this new job!