Thursday, August 30, 2007

tubing with tall tom

Dad is usually not the life of our parties...
but he sure has an adventurous streak that can rise to any challenge! He hadn't planned on tubing, but when I told the kids I was going to go tubing with Papaw, he quietly slipped into the bedroom and changed and got ready to get wet! Captain Craig took us for a wild wild as a pontoon can go anyway.


ox, nana said...

LOL ... When he's not 'rising to the occasion', he's dreaming he is :)

Robin's Reports said...

What a cool vacation with family. Look at your big fisherman! We need to hook up one day. The shuttles goes off in October (hopefully).

Lovely snakes. I can't believe you let that one on your floor. We *had* some snakes around here but they're gone - most of them anyhow.

Isaac has the same b-day as my youngest. I didn't realize that.

Take care,

Jenn said...

What a great father/daughter moment!! And so much fun! I'm glad someone thought enough to take the camera to capture the moment.

Sharie said...

Now THAT'S funny, Jenn! Mom and I think to take our camera before we'd think to take deodorant or car keys! lol Much to the kids' chagrin I might add. I won't even tell you how many pictures we took!