Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day seven...sigh, coming home

Sleepy heads. Don't they care they have a plane to catch?

A not-quite-ready-to-leave smile on the shuttle to the terminal.

These clouds were so neat.

The kids watched a movie on the laptop, and so did the little girl behind them! She stuck her head right in between Isaac's and Sophia's seats!

We love our vacations! Craig's dad had to work a lot when his kids were young but he always took them on great vacations and they all still cherish those memories. Craig works a lot too so I can stay home with the kids, and vacations are our special time to leave those crazy hours and demands behind and make our own cherished memories. The kids get their fun dad and I get my sweet husband all to ourselves! As we're never quite ready to come home, the best we can do is plan for the next one! While the kids were watching their movie, Craig and I looked at a weather map in the paper and tried to think where the next trip will take us. California or Arizona again? Or maybe we'll try something new like Oregon or New England. Wherever it takes us, it'll be a fantastic time for the four of us to laugh, cuddle, and marvel at God's wonderful world.


Jenn said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation for everyone!! Glad ya'll enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics and memories.

ox, nana said...

In Sophia's smile I see ... 'only a plane ride away from Nanny':)
Great holiday photo's! Almost (ha)makes me feel like I was there! Thankfully, you all came back home to beautiful autumn days.