Monday, October 29, 2007

puppy love

Isaac has a sweet, little job once a week across the street letting the dogs out for an hour, and he's totally smitten with Shakespeare. (this is probably the only "Shakespeare" he'll ever love!)

Here's Pearl with her week old puppies. What's she thinking?
"Hellllo! Can I have a private moment here?!"

Sorry, Pearl, but your babies are just so cute!
Look at the t-i-n-y paws!


ox, nana said...

Too cute!!! I loooove puppies, and... stuffed dogs:) What a 'sweet' job you have, Isaac.

Jenn said...

What wonderful pics! And it's a great way to have dogs... you can play with them but don't have the mess to go with them. Can't believe how grown up Isaac looks-he's no little boy any longer.