Sunday, November 11, 2007

giddy as a school girl

Though I hold many jobs (chef, maid, nurse, counselor, police, judge, juror, taxi driver, teacher, housekeeper, gardener, technical advisor, painter, just to name a few) I usually don't need many outfits to dress the parts. Shoot, who has TIME to shop for clothes when holding down so many things at once? Well, this summer I discovered a new place (thank you, Eileen!!) that has me CRAZY about the color purple. See Exhibit A to the right.

I try to duck in whenever I'm nearby to see how low my purple can go. WELL, last weekend they had 40 (yes, FORTY) percent off everything in the store, even the lowest purple price. My arm was aching from holding so many things to try on, but I was as giddy as a school girl getting back to school clothes (which we never do around here!). The most I paid for anything was $14.99, but some things were only $2.99. You know, even at those prices it sure adds up, but that was the best $137 I've spent in a while! I couldn't resist taking a picture of my bargain tags at their pre-40 percent off prices (some tags even got thrown away before the urge to photograph them hit me!).

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Jenn said...

That is awesome!! Congrats on getting some great bargains.