Sunday, December 30, 2007

more fly traps

Eileen had us over for a make-up party (as in re-do, not Mary Kay!). We were in Florida when she had Aunt E.'s 90th birthday party, and we had some Christmasing to do, and Stephen, Hannah, and Elissa were in town, so we converged in the living room where we have so many memories as kids. I remember being Sophia's age, opening gifts there and having a ball, and now my kids were running around enjoying the great gifts and treats from Eileen, Aunt E, and Eddie.

Here's Aunt E and Eileen opening a gift from me.

While they were on vacation, I had Dad swipe their old family picture off the wall and I updated it in Photoshop and sent them to Sequoia National Park! This screenshot shows the before and after.

Big ol' Stephen and lil' Aunt E.

And these adorable flipflops for Sophia made OUR mouths drop! They're sooo cute, but too small, so we didn't get to bring them home. Sophia and Hannah are modeling them, barely. I kept trying to make them fit Sophia, not unlike Drisella and Anastasia in Cinderella. I kept hoping someone would pull the perfect size slipper (er, flipflop) out of a pocket, but we're just going to have to wait until some bigger ones are made. The neighbor girls are going to be sooo envious!

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