Sunday, January 13, 2008

plenty of love to go around

Guess I'm a little behind in sharing pics of the latest addition to our family. (I'm now known as "Grandma!" Not very becoming, but Sophia loves being a mommy to TWO girls now!)

Felicity arrived, after 3 short days of labor pains
(Sophia waiting for the UPS man to come!)

Felicity was quickly introduced to her new sister, Elizabeth!
and silly me thought they were just best friends?)

And there was love and hugs all around.

The "girls" were set up here to watch Sophia and I
bake some Christmas goodies one evening.

Sophia figured out how to work my camera and took
some self-portrait shots of her and Felicity.

Then the girls got treated to a tea party at "great-grandma's" house!Sophia is going to be a fantastic mommy when she grows up, but for now, I prefer that she stays my little girl.

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ox, nana said...

My 'baby girl' is a ...GRANDMA? Quick! Someone please, get me the smelling salts!
Seems like we just turn around, and the 'beautiful imaginary years' are gone. Enjoy every second ...granny! he he