Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the good, the bad, the annoying

I've had to resort to taking pictures of my foot to test settings on my new camera because no one will pose for me (everyone here knows one picture means one hundred). Craig took the day off work today and was sweet enough to take me on a date with my camera. I was ready for some real challenges in the real world.

We went to our favorite pizza place and got our usual Caprice (garlic, basil, tomato). YUM! Didn't really get any good pictures here, but the pizza was fabulous.

Then we were off to the local conservatory. In all the years we've been going here, I don't think I've ever gotten a picture of this waterfall that I liked (though I kept taking them anyway). I think I like this one!

and this one!

Then we had problems. I was setting up the camera to take a picture of Daddy and Sophia and this little boy comes out of the cactus room and says, "Wait for me!" and runs over to join in the picture. I politely smiled and asked him to move. He wouldn't budge. I asked him again, this time with no smile. I begged him. I told him he was ruining my family picture. He wouldn't budge. We asked where his mommy was and he pointed to the cactus room. I was not a happy camper because the place closed in 5 minutes.

Somehow Craig convinced him the perfect place for him to sit was over to the side on a rock. I kept my fingers crossed and pushed the timer button and joined in for the picture. Our little tag-along trotted over too and saddled up to Sophia, with a few seconds to spare before the camera snapped. Now granted, I could have easily cropped him out in Photoshop, and the picture is overexposed anyway, but come on! Afterwards he wouldn't leave my side and asked if he could see the picture! The nerve! I wouldn't show him. Mother finally found him and told her sweetie he needed to come along.

If he had ANY idea I was putting this picture on for all to see, I wouldn't give him the pleasure, but since he'll never know, I can show you all what a goof he was!

Not all was lost. I managed to snap this beauty before the place locked up.

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ox, nana said...

Is that a Dewey's Pizza I smell? YUMMY! The water falls are just gorgeous!
Maybe, 'Dennis the Menace' just wanted to be part of a normal family.
Obviously, his mother didn't care where he was!
He made a KODAK moment you won't forget! he he
he he