Tuesday, March 11, 2008

snow many pictures, snow little time

I only took 475 pictures in two days of our "blizzard" last week, so I thought I better share a few more. Not only that, but I need to revisit the pictures to enjoy the snow! I'm so disappointed it's melting so quickly! We'd like to enjoy it a little longer, but it was in the 50's yesterday so there's not much white left. Just dirty spots here and there, and big piles that were short-lived (but well loved) igloos or snow dumps from shoveling driveways.

You would think with 475 pictures, I'd have something more spectacular to show you, and I do have spectacular pictures...of a neighbor girl! She is a little 5 year old cutie and kept smiling and posing how ever I wanted her to! I'm still trying out my new camera, and my family is DONE with it, so I snapped (and snapped) the neighbor while she and Sophia were sledriding and playing.

And the other bulk of pictures came from trying to get the "perfect" banner shot. The one above ended up being 2 pictures merged together in Photoshop. I had "by amazing grace" written in the snow everywhere in my back yard, trying to get the look that was "just right!" Now the neighbors REALLY think I'm weird!

Anyway, here are a few pictures from our snow day.

Whee!! When I was growing up we named all our sledding hills according to the thrill they gave. The driveway (very steep, long, and curved) was called the "Beast." The short, easy thrill hill was called "Scooby Doo." There were more, but they're escaping my memory. I think this one below would be about a Scooby Doo hill, don't you?
All tuckered out...
Elbow deep in the snow, eating it!

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Jenn said...

Love the pics... and especially the banner. It turned out great!! Glad ya'll had fun... but I'm glad it's gone. I am READY for spring!