Friday, April 04, 2008

spring dream

Craig took some time off this week so I called "SPRING BREAK!!" In 7 years of homeschooling we've never had a spring break. At least not an official one. We've had plenty of spring vacations, so I'm not exactly complaining. It's just weird to be home and not doing school! And of course, we had to go somewhere, so we took a day trip and did some hiking and picture taking. We can't believe we haven't been going here every spring. Look how pretty! We hiked a creek to a big waterfall, but there were smaller waterfalls along the way, along with many other photo ops.
No, this isn't from the Juice Bar at Whole Foods... it's moss (and ?) growing on a log. I could have stayed here for an hour. Loved this log. The kids weren't so enamored (imagine that).
There was no trail to follow. We literally scrambled over rocks as we hiked the creek toward the falls. Amazingly, only Sophia got one foot wet. Still not sure how we managed to stay dry!

We had such a good time, we decided to go back today! In the rain! Nana and Papaw went this time, too. Will try to get some of those pictures up soon.

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hi_missy said...

Hey chickie, where is here? I want to go!