Monday, May 19, 2008

Lake Tahoe

We're driving down the Oregon coast into California today, with a visit to the giant Redwoods, but last Tuesday we visited Lake Tahoe. We had to cross a beautiful snow covered mountain to get there.

Daddy couldn't resist stopping at this driving range for Isaac just before we reached the lake.
And finally, Lake Tahoe! There were many spectacular spots. These are just a few.


Robin's Reports said...

Absolutely gorgeous scenery to be vacationing around. I'm trying not to be jealous. I love FL but would love to see the West once before I die.

Another great show of your daughter.

Jenn said...

All of your photos are simply stunning! Glad you're enjoying all the west has to offer.

I loved the redwoods while we were there. They were amazing, and I picked up an ornament of a redwood seed. Very cool reminder.

ox, nana said...

What a beautiful, beautiful place and great photo's!! I was looking at the snow covered mountains and our furnace just kicked on ...ugh! No snow here, but it is cold and rainy!! Thurs. evening when you all come back home (yippee) it should be in the lower 70's OR I'm getting a 'new weather man'!! lol
Enjoy, your California ...heat!