Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yosemite National Park

At the footbridge of Vernal Falls on Mist Trail. Arrows drawn to show my peanuts. The hike to this point was hard, but dry. The wet part was about to begin, just a little ways up the trail. We were headed to the TOP! The trail was a strenuous, 3 miles, with a 1,000 ft gain in elevation.

The "mist" from the falls was more like pouring rain at some points, with lashing wind!

My lens was so soaked I had a hard time getting pictures.
This is from the top of the falls. See the mist? I drew in part of the trail... a wet, granite rock steps, steep climb! Only a small portion had a handrail.
Balancing on a floating log on the river above the falls.
There are waterfalls just about everywhere you turn.
These are Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.

I've got a video I've been trying to upload all day, but have to give up now. We're headed out early in the morning again for Yosemite! Hopefully we'll see more bears! We saw a mama and her 2 cubs on our way out Sunday evening.


Jenn said...

What wonderful pics!!! Congrats on the hike - very cool. Can't wait to hear more about it. Enjoy!!

ox, nana said...

Beautiful shots of your hike. Nice little rainbow, too. Hopefully, it will warm-up for you Sharie!

Sharie said...

Not sure why you want it to warm up, Nana! The weather has been beautiful. It was cold when we were wet on Mist Trail, but that's not "weather!" And just because you wished it would warm up, it's 90 degrees today! Keep your wishes to yourself, lol!

hi_missy said...

Amazing! We'll all have to get together after so you can tell us all about it.