Monday, July 28, 2008

a photo journal

Made an impromptu decision to practice last night, so I tied the kids up and hauled them out to Nana and Papaw's. I should have gagged them too, with all the complaining I heard. Kidding! Actually, they did pretty well and gave me some good shots. I LOVE some of these and others I'm still deciding. Which get your thumbs up and thumbs down?

queen ann's lace for sophia

nana and papaw

Isaac and Sophia

nana and sophia



sophia and felicity

sophia and felicity



Robin's Reports said...

They're all beautiful because you have a beautiful family. (Thanks OxNana for the email.)

I like how you lightened up the first one. I've really been enjoying how PW's been doing that lately too.

I got to use a Nikon D40 this weekend and I loved it. It may be coming up for sale soon, so..... praying! A friend at church is upgrading.

ox, nana said...

I say NINE thumbs-up!
Of course, I'm unbiased:)

PS. Ah, 'thank you' Robin