Sunday, July 06, 2008

what a beautiful blast!

Our 4th of July was a blast!
boom, ahh

Actually, our 5th of July was a blast! Our 4th of July was...
a cold 4th of July!
cold, cloudy, and that fireworks show left us less than impressed.

This was the neatest thing that night...
I heart you, by Nana
Sparklers and a long shutter speed...what a great combo!

The next day, the 5th of July, was our city's parade and fireworks show, and with beautiful weather and lots of candy!

Aren't floats supposed to, um, float? That's okay. In 7 years of going to this parade, this has been the closest thing to parade material they've ever had.
parade float (that's not floating)

He was new too...

As long as candy is thrown, it's the best parade ever, as far as my kids are concerned.
got it!

They made sure they picked up every....last....piece.
every last piece
sophia's loot

Then we watched a great fireworks show that evening. Papaw met us there, but Nana had to wash her hair. I almost missed it too, because as soon as we got there, fought the crowds, found 2 parking spots, and started to get settled in, I realized I left my camera at home!

Despite better judgement, I decided to try to run home to get it. As I was driving home I realized how nuts I was and I'd never make it back through those crowds to my spot, but I did, with 5 minutes to spare! And of course, after the fact, I was so glad I got my camera!
boom, ahh

boom, ahh

boom, ahh

boom, ahh

boom, ahh

boom, ahh


Jenn said...

AWESOME PICS!! I love all that you're learning to do with your camera. Sounds like everyone had a good 4th and 5th. Keep enjoying the summer!

ox, nana said...

Yep, I missed our local 'big show' which I did attend last year. These pictures do take me back ... WOW!! BOOM!! LOUD!! BOOM!! COLORFUL!! BOOM!! Great shots! I love my sparkle 'fire heart':) That camera is awesome ... and so is the gal behind it :) Happy papaw missed the candy parade ... Sophia would have had some 'stiff' competition! he he

Robin's Reports said...

What a great series of fireworks pictures. You did a great job capturing the display. I didn't even bother this year since I don't have a tripod to make it look perfect like yours.

It's funny to see y'all under the blanket. We had mosquitos and humidity with our fireworks.

hi_missy said...

Very cool. Some of those firework shots looked like sea anemones. Annika oohed and aahed over the pictures.