Saturday, August 30, 2008

sunrise, sunset

Just kidding about the "sunrise, sunset" title. The sunrise part. I don't think my kids have ever seen a sunrise. Case in point, we're all up right now and it's after 1:00 am. But back to the title, "sunset, sunset" just wouldn't be as sing-songy as the famous "sunrise, sunset," which, by the way, are the only words I know to that song.

This sunset was in Trinidad, California.
Trinidad, CA sunset

Trinidad, CA sunset

It was so beautifully foggy on this side of Trinidad in Patrick's Point State Park that you couldn't see much of the sunset, but I had to throw in this photo. Takes me right back.
Patrick's Point sunset

This was our first night, and it was quickly evident that I would be spending the trip lagging far behind, snapping photos left, right, and center, and then jogging to catch up. Here I was way behind. Thank you, Zoom.
Point Lobos silhouette

This is Craig's favorite beach and is the first beach we hit on both California trips.
carmel beach sunset

I'm mustering every ounce of restraint I have not to repost MY favorite beach and sunset pictures. I've already shared those but it seems like decades ago.


Jenn said...

Love the sunset pics. They're beautiful!!

ox, nana said...

Absolutely gorgeous ... and you guys don't look too bad yourself! he he