Monday, September 29, 2008

cupcakes are falling on my head

and through our lips, on our tongues, and down our throats. The kids and I love most anything sweet around here, but especially birthday cake icing. It'll redeem even dried out cupcakes. Who eats cake for the cake anyway? It's all about the icing, baby. We used to have un-birthday parties just so we could indulge in birthday cake icing, but my hips (and tummy and chin) weren't so crazy about the idea.

cupcakes on display

ladybug cupcake

We didn't have a party for Sweet Sophia this year but we did (obviously) get some birthday cake icing (oh, and some cake under it too) and put up some decorations to make it festive.
sophia at birthday table

We couldn't talk her into having all her friends over for a real party because THIS one doesn't like THAT one, and THAT one is weird sometimes, and THAT one is too old to be bothered by THIS one.


look who's 9

The one friend she actually invited (and we rearranged the day and time so THAT one could come over) stood her up a half hour before she was supposed to come. So then Sweet Sophia wanted to know if she could invite THIS one, last minute. Uh, no.

But THAT one did give her money, and we had birthday cake icing. What more do you need?

OH! Nana, Papaw, and Kimberly of course! Johnny-on-the-spot party guests.
reason to celebrate
Actually.... there was a bit more celebrating a few days prior to this, in the country. Papaw needed Daddy's help at his house, so we spontaneously packed up the (just purchased) cupcakes and some balloons and headed to Nana and Papaw's. (pictures to come) So for not having a party this year, I guess Sweet Sophia ended up with two! Sort of.


Robin's Reports said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!!

I have that same exact color of paint in my school room. I love it.

Jenn said...

Happy belated birthday, Miss Sophia!! What wonderful parties and yummy cupcakes!! You certainly are growing up into a beautiful young lady.