Saturday, November 22, 2008

the power of being willing to work

Well, she did it. Sophia took enough odd jobs (and I do mean odd) to make enough money to buy Emma a new dress.

She cut tape and wadded up magazines for my packaging supplies for shipping Kimberly's paintings.

She made me chase her around the house so I can loose a few pounds (yes, I hired her to help me with this).

She patiently and cheerfully modeled for me.

She did her regular chores and earned allowance.

Isaac paid her to do his chores.

She helped Nana rake leaves.

She made bracelets and necklaces and sold them to Daddy.

She worked hard, keeping her goal in sight: a blue satin dress.

Yesterday her hard (and strange) work paid off.





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Jenn said...

Congrats, Sophia, for working hard to earn your beautiful new dress!! I love that dress - I actually love all things Felicity, including Colonial Williamsburg where her stories take place.

Great job capturing these gorgeous images to share, Mom!!