Monday, November 03, 2008

whatever works, right?

sophia and emma
I had to negotiate a modeling contract and release form with Sophia Saturday. She was great with me taking pictures of her for a few minutes in the afternoon, but only if I didn't publish them. That's like sitting on a good secret.

I had to figure out a way to get these eyes on here. After all, we've got blog fans to please. All one of them. (hi, Nana!)

Sophia's been looking for work (again! I guess being addicted to American Girl dolls and their clothes is as bad as me being addicted to cameras and their lenses) so I told her I'd hire her to model for me and I'd also pay her for every picture that gets published.


Until she tries to negotiate a raise.


ox, nana said...

Ahh yes, bribery has it's reward.

They are both ... dolls!

Robin's Reports said...

Very smart woman you got there.
Btw, you have 2 fans. Oh and yes, I found Waldo in the below FANTASTIC fall symmetrical shot.

Jenn said...

I may need to follow your example. A is now "addicted" to American Girl accessories. Can I borrow a copy of your contract???