Wednesday, January 07, 2009

one of those days

California speed bump

Ever have one of those days where you put the milk in the pantry, or the microwave beeps and you answer the phone? Our minds are so full of multi-tasking tasks, that it's easy to happen. And actually, I love it when it happens. But for me, I usually realize it right away, smile big, and go about my day.

Isaac had one of those days today. He brought in the mail and then couldn't find it 30 seconds later. We looked everywhere (where he could have logically put it!). We started to think he was crazy, but then Sophia found it in the drawer. He left the mail key on the counter and stuffed the mail in the junk drawer instead of the other way around. We had a good laugh (all of us but Isaac).

An hour later I opened the refrigerator and saw the pizza cutter and pastry brush lying in there. Isaac had unloaded the dishwasher earlier, apparently while his mind was multi-tasking! He had his first basketball practice last night and that's alllll he can think about!

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ox, nana said...

Just wait until you turn 60 and then you have 'one of those days' every day! lol