Saturday, January 10, 2009

(reverse) Psychology 101


What is it about reverse psychology that works? Isaac (sort of) recently used it, much to his benefit. He knocked on neighbors' doors offering to shovel their (half-inch!!!) of snow for one dollar. 3 neighbors took him up on it, then ended up paying him $5-$8 each! He was very proud of the success of his plan. And it was definitely a concocted plan.

And I PROMISE I did not use reverse psychology when Honey asked what I'd like for Christmas, and I said "nothing!" I really meant it! But he ended up having his computer friend build me the fastest computer he's ever made! It's big and fast and awesome, and all I said was I didn't want anything! And I really did mean it. (at least until I knew what was coming, then I was allll for it!) So is there such a thing as subconscious reverse psychology? I don't know, but I'll let you know what I get when I tell him I don't want anything for my birthday in March. (That's just plain ol' psychology at work now!)

And I realize the eagle picture I took last April has nothing to do with Christmas or shoveling snow or new (awesome) computers or my great husband (other than the fact he loves bald eagles!), but it's either that or my computer guts.

Oh, why not. Here they are! After all, I did take a picture.


Thanks, Honey! I love it, and you!!

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