Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miss Colonial

The sweetest shopkeeper in Colonial Williamsburg in Mrs. Dickenson's hat shop insisted Sophia try on some clothes, AND go outside to take pictures. She ushered Sophia right out her door into the sunlight for all the townsfolk to see. (nice to have someone do my job for me! I don't think I could have gotten her out there!) Right next door was Elizabeth's house. And to think this outfit could have been ours for only $175!




ox, nana said...

Cute, cute, cute!

Oh, that's absolutely amazing ... how Sophia was 'charmed' into wearing, and then modeling the adorable colonial outfit! Bet Mrs. Dickenson 'thought' she surely had a sale after that :)

Robin's Reports said...

Love the pics. How nice that she let you use those props on Sophia so you could blog more. ha ha.

Your daughter has such a look of purity, I can't stand it. Absolutely beautiful and innocent.