Friday, May 01, 2009

home sweet home

Nobody wanted to come home yesterday, but once our heads hit our pillows at 2:00am last night, we remembered there's nothing like your own pillow, your own bed, your own space.

Today we're settling back in, putting things away, cutting the jungle outside, and gradually stepping off our clouds, back down to reality.

Last night when we rolled in long after midnight, we were so road weary from, well, being on the road all day, but we were welcomed with sweet treats and sweet notes from sweet loved ones.




Thanks Nana and Papaw! We all appreciated the sweet treats and warm water!! The only thing missing was hugs.


Anonymous said...

His excellency,Gen. Washington, would like to take this occasion to thank Nana and Papaw Applegate for the sweet treats and nice letter welcoming us home from our journey to colonial Williamsburg. The Crown also would like to thank you for the treats as well and acknowledges that these cupcakes would have been at the top of the dessert list at the Governors Palace. Good day!!

Anonymous said...

His excellency, Gen. Wahington, wishes to express his sincere thanks and admiration for Ms. Wilson for the beautiful pictures of Williamsburg. It is being reported by the Crown, that she is a very talented photographer as well as a great wife and mother with an uncanny ability to handle all of these duties with aplomb. Her husband sends his love and appreciation for her. Good day!

ox, nana said...

A message from Gen. Washington! How cool it that? Thank you, thank you kind sir!

Glad you are ALL back home!

Jenn said...

How wonderful!!! Lovely comments from the General, yummy treats from Nana, comfort restored thanks to Papaw, and a delightful trip to Williamsburg!! It's one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos and memories of the trip. We need to catch up soon!!! HUGS!!