Monday, June 01, 2009

another one

All of Sophia, Nana? How's this one?
evening out

The other one is more interesting I think. Better composition. (like I would know, but I do know that I would know a bit more than you would know :) You know?)


Robin's Reports said...

I like it, but I'm not Nana. Do you live on a mountaintop?

I captured one recently of big M in an airplane hanger, under the wing of a fighter and the light was blinding behind him. So, I did what you have done here. I turned it into a silhouette pic. Thanks Photoshop, right?

Wish I could do this with fishing but there's way too much sun for that.

ox, nana said...

Cool! Now, could you turn Sophia's head so I could see her lovely profile Msss. Knowitall :))

Robin, give hubby a tripod next time so we can see U!! "Raising Fisherman" and tying it into the scripture is so awesome!

Sharie said...

Yup, our subdivision is on top of a big hill, and for these pics she was on top of a little hill by the road so I just had to lean down a bit to get the perspective. No lying on the ground was required!

Sharie said...

Oh, and no photoshopping required to make this silhouette! Just my mad photo skills. Hahahahaha! I loved that pic in the hanger!