Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The British are coming! The British are coming!

When Isaac was 8 or so, he wrote and drew the cutest book on the Revolutionary War. Here's his page about the lobsterbacks.


And if this isn't the coolest, all these years later he got to live it in person!
The British are coming!  The British are coming!

As the British soldiers approached, Isaac called out, "Lobsterbacks! Lobsterbacks!"

Benedict Arnold looked down at him and said, "Silence, you imp!"
"silence you imp"

(I think I might try that the next time Isaac tries to get smart.)

And here's his page about General George Washington.


And all these years later, in living color...


Uncanny, isn't it?


ox, nana said...

Who would have ever 'thunk' that Isaac's youthful artwork would 'come to life' someday! This little 'true' story is so cool!!

General Washington said...

His excellency would like to commend Mr. Isaac Wilson for his fortuitous drawings. I must say that the 13 colonies are extremely proud to have such a fine artist as Mr. Wilson among its populous. The drawing of me was done with tact, skill and aplomb. Martha and I would be delighted to be able to hang this fine piece of art at my estate in Mt. Vernon. Good day!!

Amber (bambi64) said...

Love Benedict Arnold's reply to him! One he'll remember forever. Don't think it will mean the same to him if you say it to him, Sharie. ;)