Monday, October 19, 2009

progress report

I'm at the half way point. I've got 4 more nights, 4 more mornings, 4 more days, however you want to look at it. I prefer to look at every angle because they each have their merit.

When you're used to getting other people ready for bed and getting other people up and fed breakfast and getting other people through their day with meals and school, and now it's just YOU (or me actually)... makes things a little different around here.

So what have I done? Let me see if I can name a few things.

-washed kids' shower curtain
-washed 2 loads of towels
-defrosted ice maker
-watched 2 two hour Photoshop courses
-figured out and ordered school books
-photoshopped and reprinted 2 living room photos
-watched a third photoshop course
-did Pilates
-knocked down cobwebs from basement ceiling
-cleaned off high ceiling fan in MBR
-washed all bathroom rugs
-cleaned kids' bathroom (and I don't mean just the sink, toilet, and tub. I mean I wiped out the sink cabinet, washed out their utility basket, soaked and cleaned garbage can (gross), cleaned out closet and pitched 9 used toothbrushes, 6 half used travel size tubes of toothpaste, 5 retainer cases, 3 bottles of old skin lotion, and a myriad of other old stuff, and wiped down cobwebs that were stuck in the steam buildup over the shower)
-organized basement
-organized garage
-cleaned grease off the garage/kitchen door that sophia's neighbor friend smeared all over this summer (or was it last summer??)
-cut cardboard for shipping prints
-cleaned off my desk (mostly, almost done)
-pitched malfunctioning cds and dvds
-transferred 2 music tapes to digital on the computer and burned CD
-watched 4 Jessica Sprague classes I never finished this summer
-washed our sheets and Isaac's
-washed Sophia's coat
-installed 3 fonts I downloaded this summer
-burned Hannah a CD of her photos I used for the wedding video
-cleaned up computer desktop of wedding video files
-backed up My Documents to external hard drive
-scheduled program to automatically back up Documents at shut down
-put away pile of vacation things from APRIL
-organized ribbon into 2 three drawer containers
-watched Bro. Billy Paul's testimony
-organized recipes (still have to tidy up a few things)
-cleaned off kitchen ceiling fan
-went through filing cabinet folders and pitched some things, pulled other things to read
-put new battery in Timed Timer
-cleaned dust and organized cords behind my computer (only because I couldn't JUST plug in my external hard drive)
-worked on some vacation photos
-took a bath with the sea salts Eileen gave me a year ago from Israel

And just because no post is complete without a picture...

I'll leave you (or me rather) with this one.
smooching at the falls


ox, nana said...

I am supposed to be backing this evening for our trip to Norris Lake this coming Weds., but after reading this I'm too exhausted!!

Craig said...

I say ditto to Nana's comment.....but ohhhhhh do I love the pic from California!!!!

I love u, C