Saturday, October 24, 2009


The troops have been home for 2 days and we've been busy sharing cuddles and kisses and snuggles and stories. They had a great time and Daddy spoiled them rotten with multiple visits to Chownings, The Cheese Shop, the candy store, and the pool.

And despite Sophia's declaration before they left that she was going to be the Mommy there and help Daddy in the kitchen, Daddy did all the cooking, cleaning, dishes, and laundry (he didn't want to bring home any dirty clothes for me to do!).

He also was nurse and doctor. Sophia hurt her leg and had poison ivy. Isaac was battling asthma and woke Dad up in the middle of the night for help.

All while I was home alone eating my way through a box of dark-chocolate covered cookies.

Really? Really. I've got the best husband ever and don't know what I ever did right to be blessed with him.

And while my Honey makes me feel like royalty, they had a brush with royalty when the royal Governor drove up to dissolve parliament. Sophia captured a picture of it for me (she was staff photographer for the week).

And on their last day Daddy spoiled them more with a ride in the royal carriage! The Governor's carriage! (I would say that's so not fair since I wasn't there, but I can't exactly complain, you know.)




Neat story on the photos:
The driver tried to take a pic of them in the carriage but Sophia's camera often wasn't working when she needed it most, and this was one of those times (the other was at the Fifes and Drums!).

But a sweet lady standing nearby offered to take pictures with her camera and email them to us, so the pics above (minus the horse's rear when Sophia's camera WAS working) are courtesy of a stranger named Donna who works for Hersheys! (I told you she was sweet.)


ox, nana said...

Vacations ... how slow they come and how fast they go! These wonderful pictures will bring back great 'fun' memories in the years to come!

Craig said...

Despite all the illnesses, injuries, and playing mommy for the week, we had a great time! Two things that came to my mind: Mommy is irreplacable and does a wonderful job and she is also the best wife in the world who deserved a nice break. I love you, Craig