Saturday, January 27, 2007

contest of love

The words "I love you" are never enough for Sophia. She always has to be the one to love the most. I'll tell her "I love you" and she'll say "I love you more!" If I start out with "I love you more" she'll come back with "I love you to the Kentucky stadium and back!" or some other distance she thinks is great (yes, we have been to the moon and back many times over!). I usually let her "win" and have the last word, while I just smile, knowing I'm the real winner being blessed with my dear family and thanking God for the opportunity to love and be loved.

Well, tonight after she said her prayers, the first thing she said to me was, "This will settle our differences." (what differences? I'm thinking. And I'm also wondering which episode of Little House on the Prairie she must have gotten that from. We own seasons 1-6!) "This will settle our differences," she continued, "We love each other the same!" And again I just smiled, gave her a hug and a kiss, and wished all her life's "differences" could be solved so easily.


ox, nana said...

Too sweet!
Sophia is also a great little *lovey dovey* note sender! In church she has slipped me some dear ones; always adding at the end ... "Can I go out to eat with you and papaw?"

Jenn said...

How precious!! Definately keep those words handy for when she hits those teen years in a few years!

kimberly said...

you should turn this blog into a book of essays. You are a great writer. (and momma!!)