Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the weather outside is frightful

Rewind to last Tuesday: bitter cold (that's minus 0.8 when I went to bed)

and 6 inches of snow!

This Tuesday! ICE!!

and lots of it!


hannah said...

The weather is really cold here too. we got 15 inches of snow. Elissa and me went outside today and went sledding!!!! lots of fun!!!!

ox, Nana said...

We've been stuck on our mountain for 2 days because of all this ice. Where is "gobal warming" when we NEED it? he he

J said...

What beautiful pics!! Did your loving kids get a snow day or two for the cold/icy weather?? :-)

Robin's Reports said...

How cool is that! Pretty if you get to stay inside and homeschool.

I missed the rocket launch tonight. I'm not sure if was clear enough to view anyhow. Shuttle Atlantis is moving to the pad for March!