Tuesday, February 27, 2007

crazy for carpet

Here's the old, matted, crushed, dirty, stained, soiled, white builder's grade carpet that needs to go.

And introducing...the new, fresh, soft, warm colored Stainmaster Shaw carpet with a 10 year no mat, no crush warranty! I'm so excited! It's been a long 2 month decision. The kids NEVER want to go near another carpet store again! We got such a good price on the carpet that we're able to do the Master Bedroom too! Should all be installed next week, so stay tuned!


J said...

Congrats on your wonderful new carpet, bought with "extra" funds and at a price that makes you really smile!! Can't wait to see the MBR carpet when it comes in.

ox, nana said...

When I'm ready for new carpet I'll know just who to ask ...U! New carpet and now new paint up the stairs, and into the hallway.
It will all be very lovely!

Hannah said...

Very nice!!! It looks a lot better than what you had that's for sure. I like that you stated to about the same color that you had before but with a little bit more color. Very good choice. You did a fantastic job there Sharie!!