Friday, March 02, 2007

labor of love

I remember when I was a kid I REALLY wanted to help Dad paint Granny's guest bedroom. Of course she wouldn't hear of it. Understandably so, right? I mean, paint can be tricky to get just right. And paint HAS to be JUST right.

I wanted to resist the pleading of Sophia tonight when she wanted to "help," but I just couldn't! She was dying to make her mark, but she played it off as wanting to help so Momma could rest. I work so hard, you know. (actually my hand was killing me, and Craig had already done the hard part--the stairwell!)

So I wondered what could be so bad that I couldn't touch up if she messed up. She was thrilled, and I really did get to rest! And turns out she did a really good job!

When she was done, she ran and bragged to Isaac of what SHE got to do, so of course he had to paint as well. He's almost tall enough to reach all the way up! I did the cutting in last night, and left a love note for everyone. Here is Isaac painting over the "love."


J said...

How wonderful!! Great job flying - letting the kids help so you could rest a bit. And I love the love note - he should have painted around it!! :-)

Hannah said...

WOW!! I say WOW!!! I am sure the stairway and the hall way looks lots better than what it did before. That was a cool love note that you left for your family!!! Also it looks like a very nice paint job!!! It helps when there are more people sharing the painting job. It makes it a lot faster.