Sunday, June 03, 2007

our White House tour, 7:15 AM! (up at 5:30!)

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

See the Secret Service on the roof looking at ME?

The East Gate entrance.
We entered on the East side and saw these rooms downstairs:

China Room

Vermeil Room

Map Room


Then we went upstairs (to the main floor) and saw these rooms:

East Room

Blue Room

Red Room

Green Room

State Dining Room

Cross Hall and Front Door Entrance to the left.

We actually left through the front doors! (see top 2 pictures) That far glowing room is the East Room. To the right are the Blue, Green, and Red rooms. The State Dining Room is directly behind this photo.

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J said...

How awesome to get to tour the White House! That's a field trip worth going on. :-)

Glad you enjoyed your time in DC. Can't wait to see the newest endeavor.