Saturday, January 19, 2008

could someone hand me a megaphone?

Ever since Isaac could walk, he has been *running* with a ball in his hands!!

He had his first basketball game of the season today and they WON! Hopefully it's a sign of a better season than last year.

On the way to the game he asked me, no begged me, not to scream when he made a shot. That's like asking a baby not to cry when its hungry! Like asking a little girl not to like pink! Like asking me not to take pictures! Not going to happen. Though I tried. A little. Sorry, Isaac, but your mama is too proud to hold it in. I love you and can't wait to watch all your cool moves this year!

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Math-U-See said...

hey congrats to Isaac on winning his first basketball game! Just updated the your link from the MUS blog.