Monday, January 21, 2008

flowers 101

Sophia thought she was hearing things when I said we were going to play with Playdoh in science today! "WHAT?!" She didn't wait for me to change my mind. She ran downstairs and brought up all her colors.

Here's the three-handed flower monster
adding the last of the filaments.

Meet Cracker, Isaac and Sophia's pet macaw.
And oh, the things it will imitate!

and finally, her finished project!


ox, nana said...

Those flowers are so beautiful! I can 'almost' smell the ... Playdoh:)

Jenn said...

You are so creative!! What a fun way to learn about the parts of the flower. She did a wonderful on them - they look beautiful!

Sophia said...

there are two little flowers.Me and my Mom did that for science and it was fun.Mine is the orange and my mom's is the purple.Mom's flower kept falling, mine did not but I kept on pulling mom's flower. it was sooo funny.Mine probaly lasted for a day or two but mom's flower only lasted for a day weird right?and then after we maid the flowers we talked about where the flower parts are. that is cool what you can learn in science.