Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy 65th, Papaw!

Shocking, isn't it?

Where'd the hair... I mean TIME go? We love you for your sense of humor...
your sweet ways...
and your stand for Him.


John McRae said...

Happy Birthday OLD CHAP! Did you know that somebody has slipped in a photo of some YOUNG MAN onto this blog page. I'd complain to the co-ordinators if I were you!
God bless you on your sixty fifth birthday, Tom. At least now we know what you will look like when the change takes place.
Bro. John

kimberly said...

Today, you are you!
Its truer than true!
Shout aloud, "I'm glad to be what I am,
Thank goodness I'm not a ham or a clam,
Or a dust old jar of sour gooseberry jam!
If I say so myself, its a great thing to be! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to me!"

Happy Birthday to my favorite joke teller! Just one of the many fine qualities you possess!

Hugs and Kisses,

the Ozimek family said...

Happy Birthday! Remember, it's just a number--except to Medicare, the IRS, voting, etc...
Where did the time go? Seems like last year we got to know your family, and here we are celebrating your 65th. It's a blessing to know you.
May you have many blessings today and always.
with love,
the Ozimek family

ox, Carole said...

I especially 'love' the number 65! That's the year we both said, "I do".
If life is lived in moments ... those I cherish most, I've lived with 'awesome' you!

Happy Birthday to my one and only ...Crazy You!

Mrs. Applegate

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday to the proud Papaw!!! May he be blessed with many more.

Sheila said...

you are like no other
when it comes to talents you are a winner
when it comes to desserts you are a sinner
and we all know you are never late for dinner

all the joking aside, you truly are like no other
you are a Son of God and you are my precious brother (from now until eternity)

All my love,

John and Trish said...


Happy, happy Birthday!!!

It's an honor to know you and call you our brother. Your wonderful family is a living testimony about the kind of character and the good example you (and Carole!) showed as they were growing up. What thoughtful, talented, gracious children you raised--you must be one proud Dad . Enjoy your day--Enjoy your lovely family :)

John and Trish and family

Lloyd & Dawn said...

when blowing out your candles, remember.....

the more spit you can land on the cake, the more people will be pursuaded to leave it alone!

hope it's a happy one Tomas! geeeee, you were ONLY 30 when we met you!!!

ur little buddy said...

Thanks for sharing your french fries and talents with me! You have been a great papaw throughout my life! Thanks and happy b-day!

skater girl said...

happy birthday papaw!!!!!!

your lil miss crazy elissa

xoxo Sophia said...

Hi Papaw,thanks for being a great Grandpa. your the best ever.If I'm sick or me and Isaac are sick you allways bring us treats and thousands of movies. lol when you brought those Movies in I said WOW!!! lol well Have a very happy birthday. I love you

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Papaw!!!! I am a blessed person to have you as my WONDERFUL Papaw!!!

Love you soooooooo much!!!

The crazy redhead Hannah!

Stephen said...

1.) Well What do U know, time's not going slow
2.) U'r 65, not deprive
3.) Not a TALL Tale, U don't look pale
4.) U'r 6'-7", all most 2 heaven
5.) U'r so TALL, I'm glad U'r my Paw

Love ya Dad

The Mills Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday Br. Tom!

With all this prose and praise, we admit we have nothing further to add...they've said it all! We're honored to call you a friend and brother! Lord Bless you tall Tom!
Ralph, Naomi & Joel

The 3-E's said...

Tall Tom - the 3-E's couldn't survive without you! You are gracious and compassionate to respond, and a real blessing to count on. But most important, we are blessed to call you "brother", so although you're cousin/nephew by blood, you're brother in heart and spirit. Thanks for all you do, AND all you ARE.
Jellybean, Eddie and Anut E

Robin's Reports said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad. I love his sense of humor.