Monday, February 11, 2008

not Wendy's again!

Papaw has a steady girl (in addition to Nana, of course). He goes to Wendy's nearly every day and she fixes him lunch. He always did like redheads.

We thought he deserved to be treated extra special for his 65th birthday, so we spared no expense and gave him a Wendy's gift card and this fancy birthday card.

The rest of us like REAL FOOD, so he had to choose a little finer dining for his birthday dinner and Carrabbas was a delightfully delicious choice.

Sophia forgot to wipe her mouth before this shot so I had to wipe it for her in Photoshop.

Aren't they sweet?


Jenn said...

Great card and even better photo. You're really getting good with Photoshop! Sounds like all enjoyed Papaw's birthday.

ox, nana said...

Who said there is "No FREE lunch"? When Papaw showed
his adorable card to Ms. Wendy's helpers they all 'loved it' and said without hesitation...
"Happy Birthday Tall Tom, today your lunch is on the house"!