Sunday, March 16, 2008

bittersweet basketball

Ah, a bittersweet ending. Isaac had his last basketball game yesterday. No more getting up every Saturday morning (that's the sweet part) but also no more cheering and rooting for my favorite player and watching his cool moves (bitter).

He ended his season with the greatest 3 point shot with 10 seconds left in the game, and it's all here for you!

But first, he gets hammered and shoots the foul shots. Then his buddy intercepts a pass, dribbles it down, and gives a great pass to Isaac for the score. They did this move several times this year!

Oh, and the 3 point shot... When his buddy gets ready to inbounds the ball, watch Isaac move to position. They have great chemistry!

(not to worry, the clip is short! 43 seconds)


ox, nana said...

Not because I'm his nana or anything ...BUT, that was W A Y too SHORT! At least you could have put on some intro and exit music! he he

Jenn said...

Great shot!! He is certainly talented when it comes to basketball. Congrats to your dear son on a great season.