Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shipping and snotting

Things are looking like a BMC around here (Bulk Mail Center) with all the packaging of these paintings I've got going on. I wish I could enjoy them for a little longer, but my job is to get them out.

We're having a hard time parting with this one...
"you had me at hello"

And this is for you, Nana!

And guess what? I gave the kids colds. The other day I said that none of us really got sick this winter. Well, I spoke too soon 'cause Isaac got hit hard today, and Sophia's throat is hurting. And the sad part is, I almost knew it was going to happen!

***edited to clarify: I don't have a cold. I was saying I must've given them their colds just by saying we haven't been sick this winter! You know, that knock on wood thing. Only I forgot to knock on wood.


ox, nana said...

Stunning close-up! Is Sophia looking for me:)

Robin's Reports said...

I love the little birdie!! How adorable. Sometimes it is so hard for me to give up my artwork too. I get rather attached to some.

I love the pic of Sophia. Perfect blend of blue and pinks and lighting.

Sorry you all have the flu. We just finished fevers last week.

Jenn said...

What a beautiful pic of your darling daughter!!! And I love the pic of the bird - what a wonderful job your dear sis did. Both of you need to keep up the great work. Hope the kids feel better!!