Sunday, March 30, 2008

jury duty

Well, the evidence is in: My birthday week was crummy. I thought my family loved me, but I have my own conspiracy theory. They've all conspired to get rid of me. Don't believe me? Check out Exhibit A and the first bit of evidence for my crummy birthday and their death by chocolate plot:

Nevermind the fact that they wrote "We Love You" on the cake. They know my weakness. They knew I'd fork the cake and dig right in before even taking pictures (I do have my priorities). Nevermind the fact that they gave me beautiful roses. It was all a cover up. Just look at these guilty faces.

Exhibit B: The extra nail in my coffin. And from my OWN PARENTS! A chocolate mousse pie! Wasn't it sweet of them to bring it over on the same day I get a chocolate cake? A coincidence? I think not! Death! I hear them whispering. Death by chocolate!

They too, gave me flowers to distract, but I'm on to them now! I stuck the pie in the freezer. If I'm going to die, it's going to be a slow, drawn-out, enjoying every bite, spread out over my birthday week, kind of death. More evidence for my crummy (or shall I say crumby?) birthday week. Exhibit C:
I think the kids decided if I'm going to go, they're going to go with me. They polished off the cake, so we could get the pie out of the freezer.

And finally, Exhibit D and E for my crumby birthday:

So has the jury reached a verdict? What say ye?

(If you need me I'll be in my closet polishing off the rest of my pie.)


ox, nana said...

Ahhh ... death by chocolate! At least you will go with a smile on your pretty face:)

kimberly applegate said...

hmmm, looks more like suicide from some of these pictures!

ox, nana said...

"...looks more like suicide from some of these pictures!"

THAT is so funny ... no 'pity party' for the b/day girl!
he he