Sunday, March 30, 2008

more birthday goodness

And THIS post was on Kimberly's blog on my birthday morn! What a shock!

Happy Birthday, Sharie! Thanks for being the most brilliant assistant! The sale of this painting will go towards your well-deserved vacation. In honor of the fact that you can multi-task like nobody's business, I've combined several of my past themes into today's painting. So today, relax, enjoy a good book, (even if it's a homeschooling book you've been wanting to catch up on), enjoy the spring flowers, (I'm sure somebody will give you flowers today), enjoy the sunshine (it's sunny somewhere in the world), enjoy a sip (OK, maybe save that for later) (my edit: this is a water bottle, isn't it, Kimberly?!), ignore the kids, (but don't ignore this post...get a paypal button on this painting!) Have a fantastic multi-tasking birthday! You're the best!

OX, Kimberly

Way cool, isn't it?! So I got the PayPal button on and it sold (of course!) quickly. Hmm, extra vacation money... upgrade one of our hotels for a night or get filters for my camera so I can take better pictures on vacation? Here are some without/with filter shots. Big difference, eh?


kimberly applegate said...

buy filters! (they'll last longer than a fancier room)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday week, dear friend!!

You know, with the person you are, it's no wonder all these people tried to do you in with chocolate...


Jenn said...

PS - I'm with Kimberly - get the filters!