Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the new guests

Nana and Papaw have a little guest house right off their bedroom. Little. As in tee-tiny. And Papaw didn't even have to build it! The couple staying there built it themselves, and decided to have children! Three in fact, but it looks as though one of them just wasn't meant to be. Meet the new babies and Mother Robin, who just brought back some lunch.

And a post wouldn't be complete without a little Photoshop Phun. Oh, that's too hard to read, isn't it? Photoshop Fun. There.

And yes, Robin (not to be confused with mother Robin above) I DO have a son. I promise. It's just that he's getting too cool to want to go to parks to have his picture taken! Actually, his allergies are in full swing, so he stays inside as much as possible. Unless his friends are all out playing basketball, then he'll suffer. But going with Mom, Dad and Sophia to a park for pictures? Then we hear, "But my allergies!"


Anyway, which one do you like better?


ox, nana said...

Of course, I love them BOTH! But,the sepia tone is a nice change of pace.

Robin's Reports said...

LOL.... I love your response to my comment. Hope I didn't put you on the defense. My boys would never pose like Sophia either.

I like the sepia better, .... I think. Maybe cause you put it first. Hmmm.... are you playing with the hues in the picture? That's a really good picture in color too. Her eyes are so incredibly blue. I'm jealous.

Are you using Photoshop CS2 or 3?

Robin's Reports said...

I totally forgot to mention that I love the Robin in the photos too. You're going to have 'chicks' just like me.

Sharie said...

I think I like the sepia one better. I used Pioneer Woman's actions. Did you download those? Very cool. I'm using Photoshop 7.0 but am getting CS2 (I think) from a friend tomorrow.

I did sharpen and brighten her eyes, but didn't mess with the hues of anything.

And no worries about me being on the defense! I'm hoping to get some pictures of the BOY soon! I have some ideas, it's just getting him to cooperate!

hi_missy said...

Sharie, you are amazing with that camera. Not that Sophia needs much help, but your shots are gorgeous.

Jenn said...

I love them both! Your darling daughter is just too cute. I have to say though that sepia is nice.

Your pics as always are great!!