Monday, May 05, 2008

back by popular demand

Yes, he does exist! And this boy is growing up too fast for me. He'll be 13 soon, but to me he'll always be my baby boy. Was I ever insanely in love with my first baby! What a joy it's been to watch him grow into who he is, but I can still smell and feel that newborn baby skin. sigh...


Speaking of growing up, it was time to part with some of his beloved toys. He went through a serious truck phase, garbage trucks especially. Recently I talked him into parting with some of his trucks and equipment. It's been forever since I've seen him crawling on the ground playing with them, so we passed them on to this little guy. Sheila sent me some snapshots today of Philip enjoying them.
So cute!

And have a look at this thank-goodness-for-photoshop before and after!


Robin's Reports said...

LOL, I guess that would be me and my joy of having boys.

We still have all our tonkas, now living on the back porch. Of course, we're a year younger.

Btw, PS really does change your world. You'll have double prints of everything.

Jenn said...

What a handsome young man!! I can't believe how big he's getting. And very generous to part with his wonderful trucks (what little boy didn't like trucks??)!