Sunday, April 13, 2008

not yet, please not yet!

"Shh, listen! I think I hear the ice cream truck! MOM! Pleeease, can I get an ice cream?! It's a once in a lifetime and I think it's coming!" (eyes darting wildly about while trying to listen intently)

No ice cream truck came, as much as she thought she heard it. It's barely spring, for crying out loud. Give the kids one warm day and they're ready to jump in the kiddie pool and beg for expensive treats from that annoying yellow truck that knows our street has the most kids in the whole subdivision.

And did you happen to catch the sky on fire the other night as the sun set?
Sophia was sweet enough to run in and get me and tell me to bring my camera!

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hi_missy said...

Um, yeah. The ice cream truck HAS been around - 4 times already. I've been begged many a time - I pride myself on the fact that I have never given in.